J. Ryan Ulsh is a New York City-based photographer, art director and filmmaker.

He founded his own business @JRYANULSH.STUDIO in 2016 specializing in art direction, photography and prop styling for beauty, fashion and lifestyle clients.  
Through visual storytelling, Ulsh brings brand identities to life in a variety of mediums including conceptual
cinemagraphs, stop motion animations, photographs and videos.

To date, he has hosted three photo exhibitions in New York City: ‘Trials,’ ‘Portraits,’ and ‘1901: A look inside Admiral’s Row.’  
His greatest inspirations are unexpected events, places and people he encounters in his daily life. He uncovers complexity from
simplicity and has a keen ability to highlight beauty in the ordinary.
He picked up his first camera (a Polaroid OneStep) at seven years old and hasn’t stopped shooting since.

Ulsh graduated from The Pennsylvania State University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Photography.
In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, flipping antique furniture and spending time with his partner and their cockapoo Luna.
To view more of his work, follow @JRYANULSH.STUDIO for client work and @JRYANULSH for personal work.


“In a present culture so consumed by reality,
I love having the opportunity to create stories
that can let the mind wander.”